Connecting to the existing fabric of Jale and Folie Marine the project aims to build a series of interconnected villages, each with a unique theme manifested in their architectural, material and spatial expression. Each provides an urban landmark and a destination for others to explore.

Learning from Vuno, the design aims at creating a tourist development with its spatial and governing principles closer to the neighboring historic context, rather than deploying a relentless replication of structures typical for many resort villages. The design goal is to achieve the urban nuances, characteristic of the small Albanian villages, of dense residential areas mixed with larger urban spaces and commercial areas where a multiplicity of activities could occur.

Deploying the design approach across the macro scale should result in the creation of a constellation of small villages, each self-sufficient and unique in its character, however closely connected with the others. A forested conservation area is envisioned as a natural boundary and green milieu between the different settlements.


The project focuses on creating unique village clusters rather than a single large scale resort with no visible distinctions. Place making occurs by offering diverse experiences in each destination as the goal of the design is to generate an all year round urban settlements which could attract residents from other areas in Albania. The mixed used building typologies along with the conservation of natural landscapes will support the community building process. From business perspective the project aims to maximize the return on investment by achieving high density areas and exceeding the initially projected.

From luxurious villas carved into the cliffs above the sea, to minimalistic wood and thatch roof cabanas in surrounded by vegetation, to a modern interpretation of vernacular village houses - each residential unit across the master plan site is carefully designed to fit within its surroundings and the overall theme of the nukli it is in. The result achieves visually recognizable zones with unique identity which draw visitors in and give inhabitants a sense of place and belonging.

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